Intelligence News Service Network is a name of Crime and Corruption killer team, operating across India with support of good officers and powerful legal team. It is an
Non-Government Organization (NGO) that operates independently and playing a significant role in the Services of our Country and to make our Society crime free and safe.
We have taken urgent step & Investigation for Crime and Corruption and playing a powerful role in Curtailing Corruption in different government departments. Now a days, our INSN  is establishing its name by making contribution in revealing out irregularities in various government departments and by making awareness among the people, about their Right.
We help local, National and even International Law enforcement Officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of Crime Syndicates, rackets, Organized gangs, smuggles and law breaking in general.
Many people contact us to sort out their personal/Individual Problems or to satisfy their personal grudges, however, our INSN does not work for the individuals. Moreover, if it is done that will definitely be very exceptional Case INSN believes to work in those issues. That involve large public.

We are working especially for following fields:-

Issues related to the safety of the environment. For revealing the functional irregularities or corruption in Government departments. Take urgent step and investigation for bonded labor, child labor, Custodial encounter death, consumer related issues , police Atrocities, rape, sexual harassment. To protection of human rights, right of the dalit, women and Disadvantaged section of the society. To help local, national and even international law enforcements Officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of crime Syndicate, rackets, organized gangs, smugglers law braking in general. To give secret information about fake currency, narcotics, drugs, Illegal weapons, smugglers, crime syndicate, terrorists to related Govt. Departments, ministries, investigation departments for make our Country care free and safe.

About INSN

INSN is a people's movement through people's INSN Force against crime, corruption and anti-national elements. For this INSN has chosen the mode of media it is working with public and Government with constitutional and legal means. INSN is an independent agency that brings public grievances. Illegal/anti-national activities to the notice of Government, Administration Police, Judiciary autonomous bodies and impartial social organizations. Besides this, it also cooperates with Government of India in its welfare activities, as it believes that cooperation of media and public with Government is the key to social, economic and political progress of any country. INSN is comprehensive news agency that provides various sensational I criminal news to Print and Electronic Media. INSN is an organization of public which provides the public a platform to raise its voice against crime, corruption, injustice, terrorism, social and national evils effectively by the powerful mode of journalism. For this cause.

Information And Requesting

INSN is a part of all crime investigation that will play an important role in national awakening in the coming future. For this purpose, various newspaper and News Channels are cooperating with us. INSN is strong Anti-Corruption and Crime investigation that provides vital / secret news various security nad intelligence agencies and also Ministry of home Affairs and Honorable President of India.

INSN Divisions

1. Public Grievance Redressal Service
2. Crime & Corruption Investigation.
3. Crime Investigation & Research Services
4. Security and Intelligence Services
5. Media Information
6. Education & Training of Law Civil Defense, Martial Art and Journalism
7. Journalist Defense Services
8. Child Related Issues.
9. Human Right protection Organization.
10. Right to Information (RTI) Division

How INSN Works

INSN first investigates/probes the Complaint/ problem of crime corruption / injustice impartially and reaches the truth. Then, without any delay, it inform the same to the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Minister, Governor's, DGP and other concerned Police / Civil / Judicial grievances by drawing Government's attention towards behind this is effective re-dressal of public grievances by drawing Government's attention towards the concerned problem.
We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who can join ?

Any person, who is disciplined, attained: he age to majority and willing to serve the nation (no restrictions on the basis of caste, creed religion, Party or Sex) may join INSN to serve to society and nation by become member of any category. He will have to submit following documents along with the application form
1) Four passport size photo
2) Photocopy of citizenship of India
3) Photocopy of education qualifications
4) Complete membership forms with attested by any one authorized officer by INSN.
(See impotent information column on membership form)
5) Affidavit on Stamp paper of Rs. 10/- attested by Notary Officer

Advantage of joining INSN

1. INSN Membership will provided you an effective identify that will be useful to you n various field/spheres of life and also in collected vital news/ information Further INSN Id card will help the Member in case of falling into kind of trouble
2. Member will be able to effectively protest/stop any illegal/anti-social activity that comes in their knowledge.
3. Members may provide vital information to security/intelligence agencies. They can obtain information from police/civil administration regarding any matter social importance.
4. INSN Administration will always assist /co-operate its Members. Special care will be given to legal protection of Members and on providing special news, their names will be suggested the Government for awards.
5. The talent / capability of Members will be groomed by providing adequate training / knowledge to the Members.
6. Members can put their problems / view and other sensational news assertively before public, media and Government through the medium of INSN.
7. INSN Members, in public interest, may cooperate with them.
8. Members may also take INSN as their means of livelihood by attaining necessary and practical training in various fields.
9. Reports of INSN members will be published free of cost. Monetary reward for special / important news will also be provided.
10. Members will be provided with promotion on showing sincerity and exceptional performance.
11. Facilities like accidental insurance, medical insurance and travel facilities will be provided on showing outstanding performance.
12. Members will be invited at various important programmes / occasions and will be provided awards for their sincere work.

Definition of various Membership categories:

1. Members will be provided with attractive I-cards / Certificates according to their membership categories.
2. Each Membership category will bear a definite authority and area of work.
INSN Members, according to their membership category, will represent INSN in their locality and will maintain effective communication / relation with Police / Civil Administration and Media.
4. Facilities, Training, Responsibilities / authorities and work will be provided / allocated according to the Membership category.
5. INSN members can bring any matter of social interest in the cognizance of any person of administrative cr political status. members may also, in their capacity, give ultimatum to a person involved in anti-social and, anti-national activities and may also inspire n'nn/her for his/her betterment.
6. Memberships cf higher categories may take up t.-e matters relating crime, corruption and other anti-social and unethical activities to various police / vigilance officers at State / District level.
7. INSN Members are also delegated with the authority to take interview of various person of administrative and political status on various developmental work conducted by them. 24 hours information causing of INSN.

Membership Specification

1.Cooperation with all department Government of India.
2. Registered by Department of Copyrights, Ministry of HRD Govt of India.
3. Registered by Government of India under trust act.
4. Registered Trademark by Govt of India.
5. Registered by Planning Commission Govt of India under NGO Partnership  Systems.

Cooperation with

1. Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India.
2. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
3. National Legal Service Authority, Government of India.
4. Directorate General of Civil Defense, Government of India
5. National Human Right Commission New Delhi.
6. Central Information Commission New Delhi.
7. Central Vigilance commission of India.

2. Have you got any information regarding any type of injustice or anti-social / anti-national activity going on in your area ? You want to take powerful action to remove it so Please send them to INSN branch or you can mail them at

INSN Management

INSN under its strength, is having various teams of efficient, dedicated and patriotic workers spreading all over the country who are the expert of security and intelligence matters. Each and every member of our Organization is, undoubtedly, a remarkable one. Believe us, we work for you.