About Us

Intelligence News Service Network is a name of Crime and Corruption killer team, operating across India with support of good officers and powerful legal team. It is an Non Government Organization (NGO) that operates independently and playing a significant role in the Services of our Country and to make our Society crime free and safe. We have take urgent step & Investigation for Crime and Corruption and playing a powerful role in Curtailing Corruption in different government departments. Now a days, our INSN is establishing its name by making contribution in revealing out irregularities in various government departments and by making awareness among the people, about their Right.

Director's Message

Welcome to the Intelligence News Servics Network website. INSN is the name of Crime and Corrupted killer team, Operator's across India to hell identify prevent, solve and reduce Crime. We take urgent step and investigation of all type of crime like Fake currency, Narcotics, Drugs, Wild life protection objective Animals, Antics, Corruption, illegal Stamp, illegal Post and Weapons.

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INSN Introduction

INSN is a National Base Non Government Organization, Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 . The Registration No is 175 Reg.Year 2018-2019 INSN is Anti-Crime workers Organization who are devoted or dedicated to do Something respected work for their own Country to make Crime and Corruption free platform for the Coming Generation in the future.

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Rules Of The Organization

1. The objects of the Organization is to co-operate with the Govt. fully in the matter of implementing the policies for stopping Crimes, Corruption and Terrorism prevailing in the society. The protection and development force for the Country, Society and Government Department.

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Intelligence News Service Network

(A Public Movment for Crime and Corruption free Nation)

Intelligence News Service Network is registered under Indian Trust Act as NGO Working as Criminal Information provider agency. We are not Investigation Agency, We have no tie-up with any Central / State Govt. Department / CBI / Police, MHA etc.

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